Dear friends,

You’re very lucky indeed! Having the possibility to be introduced to and trained in the field of integrative aromatherapy with this course conceived and written by my friends Laraine and Valerie is definitely a wonderful opportunity in your life.

As you may understand, from a historical perspective of modern aromatherapy, two names are very well known in the scientific and medical sides: René-Maurice Gattefossé and Dr Jean Valnet. Both happen to be French. In my country, as well as in the French speaking parts of Belgium and Switzerland and Canada, aromatherapy is perceived as a medical and pharmaceutical approach to diseases and health.

In most other parts of the world, people link aromatherapy with a relaxing and fragrant massage or with the perception of aromatic scents, but they would never think of a real medical treatment involving the use of essential oils! The truth is that both aspects have the right to exist and the duty to be known by everyone who has a genuine interest in natural and holistic health.

Your luck lies in the fact that Laraine and Valerie have at the same time:

  • the medical and scientific background which remains indispensable
  • a good training in natural health methods
  • and an opening toward the spiritual and subtle sides of essentials oils.

If you add to this already rare and precious combined foundation their long practical experience, their dedication for teaching, their gift for transmitting, and their love for people, animals, plants and the whole creation, you will agree with me that it’s a blessing for you to enroll in this course. Not only will it enable you to embrace possibly a new and exciting career, but you will be in a position to manage your health and the health and well being of your loved ones in a very effective manner.

Essential oils and aromatherapy represent the new medical paradigm for this new century and this new millennium. This new paradigm is made possible only through the conjunction of the scientific, medical and pharmaceutical sides with the natural and spiritual approaches to health and life in general. Hence, the adjective integrative which expresses clearly and thoroughly the new direction of medicine nowadays. If you choose to integrate essential oils into your daily life, in a regular and faithful way, you will receive benefits that will go far beyond what you may have imagined when you started this course.

You have two “beautiful souls” who will become your inspired guides on a never ending pathway toward strength, joy and harmony. For the great work they accomplish in this part of the world, I want to express my deep gratitude to Laraine and Valerie and I hope I will meet you in person in the future. Let’s walk hand in hand in order to make the entire world a vast and beautiful fragrant garden where minerals, plants, animals and humans will follow the same evolutionary pathway.

With all my friendship and support,

Dr Daniel Penoel
Drôme Valley, France, April 26, 2002