Essential Oils are distilled extracts from aromatic plant material. They are highly concentrated and, in most cases, are used in dilution with a suitable carrier oil or lotion. Major points to keep in mind when working with essential oils:

  • Use only 100% true essential oils, referenced by botanical name and country of origin. Avoid synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Be aware of individual sensitivities or allergies.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use diluted in a carrier – lotion, vegetable oil
  • Do not use photo-sensitive essential oils with sun exposure within 12 hours: bergamot, lemon, lime, bitter orange, angelica root
  • In the case of skin irritation, apply vegetable oil to wick the essential oils from the skin.

Essential oils are used in a variety of ways depending on the desired outcome.The size of essential oil drops can vary based on viscosity. For the calculation per percent (%) concentration, six drops per ounce of carrier oil or lotion was the accepted dilution for the last twenty years. I accept Robert Tisserand’s recent recommendation of 9 drops (gtts) of essential oil per one percent (%) concentration.

A 2-3% dilution is recommended for a massage or body lotion = 18-27 drops of essential oil in 30 cc (l oz.) with unscented natural lotion or massage oil

1% = 9 drops/oz. is recommended for children over 6, elderly, ill, and expectant mothers

0.5%- 1%  = 4-9drops/oz. is recommended for emotional and spiritual purposes and facial care.

Bath – Sitz, hand, foot, &full bath. Use 6-10total dropsof essential oils for a full bath, using a dispersant, such as Polysorbant 20. Avoid irritating oils such as peppermint, spice, & citrus oils. Baths are useful for relaxation, respiratory issues, stress and insomnia complaints; both the water and heat increases absorption.

Inhalation – Environmental fragrancing by diffuser, aroma lamp, room sprays, tissue, humidifier, potpourri pots, and jewelry

4% dilution = 36 drops/oz. can be used for small body areas needing stronger concentration, such as a localized skin infection, painful joint or muscle post-sports activity.

Facial steam – 1-3 drops in a bowl of hot water. Use skin friendly essential oils, such as lavender, geranium, R. chamomile, according to skin type; keep eyes closed.

Compresses – hot, cold & alternating; local treatments for headaches, menstrual pain, muscle pain. Whole body wraps for encouraging general detoxification, and relaxation.

Clay masks – for face and whole body clay packs