Career Paths and Professional Enhancement

Take that first step to a happier career that can benefit you positively  in all aspects of your life. How do our students, including nurses and other healthcare practitioners as well as non-healthcare professionals, benefit from completing the Aromatherapy Certificate Program?

Imagine what you can do with an Aromatherapy certification – the possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination…

Potential career opportunities:

  • Add a new dimension to your profession
  • Develop programs for clinical office settings, outpatient, and hospitals
  • Consultation business – individual, business or product
  • Find your niche as an expert within the aromatherapy field
  • Treat yourself and family naturally
  • Practice integrative self-care and wellness lifestyle
  • Cottage industry business or product development
  • Spa business/consultant or practitioner
  • Public education and published articles
  • Training for retail sales